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 Day1 Mar.16th(Mon),2020:<12:30-17:00> Part1◆Self-introduction time◆ Part2◆Hakuhodo (Bangkok) Co., Ltd.◆ Day2 Part1 Mar.17th(Tue),2020:<09:00-13:00>◆SMBC Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation◆ Day2 Part2 Mar.17th(Tue),2020:<14:00-17:00>◆Panasonic Management(Thailand)Co.,Ltd◆ Day3 Part1 Mar.19th(Thu),2020:<09:00-13:00>◆Japan Airlines Co.,Ltd.◆ Day3 Part2 Mar.19th(Thu),2020:<14:00-17:00>◆NTT Communications (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.◆ Day4 Part1 Mar.20th(Fri),2020:<09:00-13:00>◆MITSUI & CO.,(THAILAND)LTD.◆ Day4 Part2 Mar.20th(Fri),2020:<19:00-21:00>◆Cultual Exchange Party(Buffet Style)◆

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**Please note that this project may be cancelled due to minimum required applicants from Japanese university students.
The minimum is 12 Japanese university students.
We ask for your understanding in advance.

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